Taking Horse Whispering To The Ultimate Level-The Mind-read Ride!

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Yes my friends, I kid you not. Not only is it possible, to teach your horse to mind-read, it’s easy. Almost any horse lover can do it!

There must be mutual love

You will notice, I’ve bolded the words “horse lover”. See, it only works, if there’s a deep and mutual love, between you and your horse!

Top riders are doing it

I’m sure, top riders are already mind reading, with their mounts. Whether they’re aware of it or not.

Look at their cues. Do you see any?

No,  they’re so diminished as to be invisible! And,  as you diminish your cues,  the focus of the horse sharpens .

The video below should give you an idea.

Horses may learn to mind-read spontaneously

Likely, it can spontaneously learn to mind-read.

It may get so focused that it opens its mind to the rider’s thoughts and intentions.

If you’re not aware of the possibility of Telepathy, you might just think that your horse is incredibly Obedient.

Because you’re such a great trainer, lol.

Horses most perceptive animals?

Horses are perhaps the most perceptive animals, in God’s creation.

They will pick up on your every emotion.

Thoughts are very similar to emotions, and can be picked up on, as easily.

If you fear horses, they know it instantly. But if you love them, they love you right back, and will readily do anything for you. No questions asked!

Never get angry with your horse

Be careful. Never get angry with your horse. It could destroy the delicate love and trust between you. Firm yes. Angry. Never!

So guys, have I got your attention? Alright, I’ll not keep you waiting here.

The whys and wherefores

But before we hop to it folks, let’s just take a quick look at the whys and wherefores.

Why would you want to teach your horse to mind-read, in the first place?

Think about it

Take a minute to think about the possible advantages of a horse, capable of reading your mind telepathically.

You done already? Yes you could, no doubt, join a circus, and make a fortune off your horse’s talent.

What, you don’t want your horse reading your mind?!

Why? Just whisper in my ear if you’re shy. Ahaha, I hear ya girl. Well, I wouldn’t want my horse to read that kinda thoughts either.


Seriously now OK? Say you have a showy horse, and you’d, perhaps, like to enter a competition. Imagine you have an Icelandic…

What judges look for

Yes I know, I always bring up Icelandics. We’ll talk about MFTs and TWHs, in the next post maybe.

Alright, so it’s a gait competition, and what do the judges look for?

That’s right. Clever Girl you! Harmony is what they crave.

The interaction, between horse and rider should be, all but invisible, if you want top scores. Correct?

Perfect harmony

So imagine this; you’re sitting your horse, in the best seat imaginable.

No need for you to disturb the harmony, by moving arms or legs, to cue your mount.

He knows exactly what you want, because your mind just cued him.

Heave-half-halts? (learn more here;)  No problem! You’ve trained them a thousand times, so you just think, the word cue that he already knows.

Is “whoa” the word you taught him, during groundwork?

OK, now focus, and put ‘whoa’ into his mind.

Would I lie to you?

You’re looking incredulous, my friends. Ask yourself this: why would I lie to you? What would be the point?

I’d just be making a right honorable ass of myself.

What I preach, I practice

Everything I teach you is something I’ve done myself, hundreds of times. It works, believe me.

Just bear with me here. You’ll soon know how to teach the horse to pick your brain.

How I discovered that telepathy works

Let me first go back in time. Before I began to practice equine telepathy, I tried transmitting, on my friend Dan.

This was back in 1985. We worked together, at the same workplace, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Dan, a creature of habit

Every day we’d have lunch together. Dan, had very set habits. Loved his beer. He would order a beer, first thing.

While waiting for the food, he would empty it.

When the food was served he’d order another beer.

This was his unchanging, standard ritual.

One day I performed this experiment on the poor guy.

The experiment

Sitting opposite Dan, I began sending a rather long signal; “Don’t drink that beer, don’t drink that beer.”

Hyper focused, I was watching him intently.

His hand went to the beer mug… it hesitated and slowly went to his head, scratching it.

It came back, rapidly, and grabbed the mug.

I was convinced, he would drink it now. No, he released it, looking very troubled.

Five times, this scene was repeated, and then the food was finally served.

-”Aren’t you gonna drink your beer” I asked, rather smugly I’m afraid.

A confused look on his face, he said; “I don’t know what’s, the matter! It seems I can’t.

He looked so distraught, I took pity on him and revealed what I’d done. “Oh was it You, you bastard”! he exploded fiercely.

Then he quickly emptied his mug, and called for another beer.

Our friendship cooled off, after this little drama. Who can blame him. He loved his beer, and I’d come between them, lol.

This experiment proved to me that telepathy works though.


Learn more on telepathy in this vid

Soon after, I started practicing telepathy riding, on my Death Horse, Geysir! You wanna know why I call him Death Horse? check it out here; it’s well worth the read I’m told.

Best Saddle-gaited Horse-On Planet Earth, Part 2.

I have never before revealed, to anyone, that I do telepathic cueing. The fun factor of Public scorn is overrated lol.

Well I touched upon it, in a previous post, but this is my first article, dedicated to the subject.

Back to telepathy riding

OK so telepathy riding is great for charming judges. What else? Superior for calming a spooky horse. Yep. Smoothly changing gaits, certainly and many more.

Well, I’ll leave you guys to figure out the légion uses for mind reading, with your much loved horse.

To the meat and potatoes

So my friends, that’s the background. Now to the meat and potatoes.

How DO we teach the horse to mind-read?

I tell you, the horse is doing it already. He’s reading you like that famous open book. How one reads a closed book I don’t know.

Just put voiceless word cues into his mind

All we need to do is, put word cues into his mind, without voice. Love him,  with all your heart, and his mind will be wide open to you.

Think about that for a minute now. How can we put those voiceless words into the horse’s mind?

Why do I ask questions?

Why am I asking all these questions, instead of just telling you? Yep, there I go again, asking!

The short of it is; I’m tilling your minds, preparing them to, better, understand me. Devious aren’t I? lol.

The long of it; it’s a fact that, if you first consider how a thing could be accomplished, the answer will stick more firmly in your mind.

I used to be a teacher, and this is one of the more useful tricks of the trade.

Here’s how we teach the raw horse

OK here goes. We teach the raw horse, from the beginning, by engaging all his senses. Am I right?

We use gestures and words. Also, sensory cues, like pressure and release, or stroking the horse to calm and encourage.

In addition, I like to engage its sense of taste. It’s incredibly helpful to use treats.

All these cues combine, in the mind of the young horse. They help him to understand what we expect from him.

Don’t drop word cues

Are you with me so far friends? OK so, most riders drop the word cues, once the horse has learned to respond to pressure cues.

I don’t. To the contrary!

Why? Because word cues are critical to the horse’s mind reading. They are, in fact, the ONLY cues I use, when preparing the horse to read my mind.

I can tell when a horse reads my mind

By, exclusively using the word cues, I can tell exactly when he has managed to read my mind.

If I was, simultaneously, using pressure cues, or gestures, how could I be Sure, which cues triggered the Tölt, for instance?

Phase out all cues but one

So I phase out all the cues, one by one, until only the voice cue remains. Then, what do you suppose I do?

Yes! That’s right! How clever you are!

Then phase out your voice

I lower my voice… Lower still. A whisper. A breath… A thought! The lower my voice gets, the more intent the horse becomes.

This is easy, but it takes time. Expect, at least, a couple weeks.

The horse may cease to understand

Sometimes you lose understanding, from the horse. Then you need to return to using voice, for a while. Repeat until he picks up the mind signals (voiceless words) again.

Be focused be loving be clear

When sending these mind signals, you need to be very focused and very loving. You must also “pronounce” the cues, very clearly, in your mind.

Believe, it will work!

In the beginning, you may need to repeat a cue several times, before your horse responds.

It’s crucial, too, that you believe it will work!

That sounds fishy, I know, but bear with me.

Your Horse will pick up on the doubts, in your mind and lose its focus. Your doubts blur the message, or may even block transmission.

Scientific experiments have proved this to be true.

Why not go straight to mind riding? 

So you may ask; if mind-riding is so great, why bother teaching the horse all these other cues?

Good question. I’d say we need to teach not just what but also how to do it. That is easier using all available tools.

Bring on the scorn

I expect there will be a fair amount of scorn,  and ridicule to follow now. People, especially equestrians,  are very quick to judge anything out of the ordinary.

Frankly, I don’t care anymore. To me, telepathetic riding is the ultimate experience, and I stand by it, regardless.

Thanks for reading folks!

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12 thoughts on “Taking Horse Whispering To The Ultimate Level-The Mind-read Ride!”

  1. Wow! What an interesting read! It’s amazing to think that you could actually teach a horse to know what you are thinking. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. If you study a herd of horses, you cant help but suspect that much of the interaction takes place on the subconscious level. The herd trains the individual to react appropriately to any signal, and to react collectively as well. This requires an open mind if you like.

  2. Well I find your whole post believable. I think many people misunderstand that we are all linked in some way, and I think if you can get on the same level as other people, you can certainly get on the same level as a horse. Especially if you expect the horse to let you ride it.
    Someone had to be the first person to train a wild animal. That took a lot of trial and error, but mostly kindness and empathy.

    Thank you for this informational post!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Irma! Indeed, we’re all linked and that link, I believe is love. Herd animals in general, and flight dittos, in particular, appear to have been equipped with a brain that is super sensitive to emotions.

      Perhaps to help them decide, in the twinkle of an eye, whether or not to flee. Such a brain will also be open to receive thoughts.

  3. Wow ! That was the most interesting post I’ve read in a while ! Wish I still had my horses now.

    They were stubborn apaloosas and could have benefitted from this…..or at least I could have !
    Great Post !

    1. Thanks Mike. Appreciate your approval.

      Yes it makes a lot of difference, once you get into the mind of your horse.

      Everything just flows so easily like you’re one mind in two bodies.

  4. Hi Goran,
    Another fantastic article about the absolute love and trust between those fortunate to love horses and the horse itself.

    I love the way you express yourself, the obvious love you have for horses and of course your humour.

    I have sent it to Facebook, Google + and Twitter.
    All the best,

    1. Thanks a bundle Jill! What an extraordinary person you are, as is your daughter Lauren!

      Love reading your posts and comments. You made my day once again Jill.

      May God reward your kindness, by fulfilling all your wishes and dreams!

      Your exquisite kindness brings tears to my eyes. Can barely read what I’m writing here…

  5. Very interesting Goran, obviously there is a lot to learn and you have done your home work.I think for anyone who owns a horse or interested in horse riding should look into your web site and article. There is a lot to comprehend and from your videos it looks like it works.Thanks Bob

    1. Thank you Bob for your kind comment!

      Yes indeed, there’s a mountain to learn and the learning only stops when you exhale your final breath.

      Mind riding certainly works Bob, and it’s the ultimate experience with horses.

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