What is the best way to earn money online from?

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My friends there are so many excellent ways to earn money online from!

That makes it difficult to say what is, overall, the best way to earn money online from.

What is best for You depends on your passions.


What is best for you really depends on your interests, what you’re passionate about. I’ll get back to that further into this article.

The flora of good ways is almost endless tho. This is great because it provides you with so many opportunities to earn money online from.

They are all niches

What these opportunities all have in common is they are all niches, i. e. segments of interest to a group of people.

These near countless groups range in number from, as few as a couple hundred, up to many millions.

Total number of internet users 3.75 Billion!

There are nearly 3.75 Billion internet users in the world today. A steadily, and rapidly growing, portion of them are now buying things they need online.

Think about it. If you can only reach them, with your well scripted message, all who share your passion could be potential customers!


Why buying online took time to increase

Not long ago, buying online was a risky business. There was no guarantee that you would even receive what you had purchased.

Also you had to use a credit card and this could obviously be misused by fraudsters.


Why do people buy more online now?

Today, with the rise of alternative payment methods, like PayPal for instance, the risks have been greatly reduced. So have the potential incentives for scammers.

With the minimised risks the obvious benefits of buying online have greatly grown in weight.

The ease and comfort of being able to order what you want from home is of course a strong incentive for online buyers.

Cheaper prices, due to competition from low cost countries, like China and India, have had an impact too.

A greater variety, in what is on offer, has also played a lead role in peaking the online purchases.


The internet is the new Eldorado of opportunities!

I believe you can see already that the internet is an Eldorado, of opportunities, to earn money online from.


But how to do it?

But, you say, I don’t know how to do it.

How can I reach all these buyers? What should I sell? Should I sell my own goods, as a merchant, or be an affiliate marketer?

Good questions, but let’s first look a little closer at what glitters out there.


A concrete example

First ask yourself the following questions, What is my main passion? Do I know enough about that field  to be able to help other fans?

Let’s say, just as an example, you’re into veteran cars.

That’s a niche right there, a very big niche I imagine.


Keep the niche small enough

Perhaps you need to scale it down to just a couple of your favorites.

Let’s say very old Fords, and Chevys from the 50s and 60s.

You’ve been customising or restoring a number of veteran cars, in the past, so you have learned where to find the spare parts.

You see where I’m heading with this?! Yes? Are the lights, in your head, turning on? Hmm?

Selling spare parts online! Yeah man!

People who are into the veteran car hobby don’t thumb pennies in their palm right? The world would be your private playground….


How to reach potential customers

But, you say, how can I reach them?

Well there are ads of course. Facebook groups perhaps?

Yes good thinking, but there are easier, and totally free, ways to locate your target audience.


Keywords unlock the door to your target group

Ever hear of “keywords”? No?

Well people search for things, on Google for instance.

Some people use one set of words (keywords) to find what they look for. Others use different search terms, but they’re all called keywords.

You want to find, let’s say, a steering wheel, original of course, for your 1928 model Ford.

What keywords would you key in? OK, what you key in are the keywords that will open the door to your objective.


Google records all searches

Now Google records all the searches made. They also keep statistics on how many monthly searches are made, using some specific sets of keywords.

If you could only find the right keywords, you would also be able to reach your target audience. Right?

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The instrument is called Jaaxy

An instrument that could classify keywords which, not only point you to target, but also point out the fast lane, with the least amount of competition, what would that be worth to you?

That’s right. Solid Gold!

There is such a precision instrument. It’s called Jaaxy, and you can find it in the Wealthy Affiliate University!


Do I have to go to university to earn money online?!

Can’t I earn money online, without first going to an online uni? you ask.

Yes of course you can. If you have some experience and the appropriate set of knowledge that is.


Benefits of enrolling in the Wealthy Affiliate University

Check out this video to get a better idea how it works.

Enrolling, in the Wealthy Affiliate online University, will give you All the knowledge and tools you need to become a great success online.


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Satisfy yourself that it’s the real deal.

That done, please return and read the rest, if you’ve found this article useful so far.

I’ll be waiting for you right here my friends.


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No such thing as a get rich quick scheme

We all know there is no such thing as a Working “get rich quick” scheme.

That’s Not at all what the WA-U is about.

It is rather a “get rich over time by working hard, whilst following a proven system” kind of scheme lol.

Not as sexy as all those fake schemes?

I know, but unlike the sexy schemes,  it’s one that works if you do… Work that is.


Earn while you Learn

But you don’t need not learn All there is to know,  before you start to earn.

Heard of “earn while you learn”?

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Thanks for reading my friends!

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