Smoothest gaited horse breed-which is it and can you afford it?

Hi there Smooth Riders all.

Goran Omar Bockman here.

An Icelandics Fan
Admin and Gait Keeper of Greater Gaiter
Goran Omar Bockman

All gaited horse breeds are smooth to ride, but which is the smoothest gaited horse breed?

Well the word is still out on that.

Peruvian Paso owners and breeders will fiercely argue that their breed is the smoothest ride.

Icelandics fans will hotly insist that their darlings are the smoothest gaited horse breed!

Perhaps they’re both the Smoothest gaited horse breed

Having trained individuals of both breeds I can vouch for their extreme smoothness.

Both are able to carry the rider, even at high speed,  and with great action of the fore legs, with next to no movement in the saddle!

Also, both breeds make outstanding trail ride horses. They are very willing to go forward and are as sure-footed as mules.

I’ll leave the word out for now and will leave my riding readers to decide.

Compare the two breeds in the videos below and make up your mind.

Which is the smoothest gaited horse breed folks?





Can you afford the horse you want?


My question now is can you afford to buy the equine of your choice?

Not all sayings are true, but I know, from my own experience as a horse owner that the old adagio, of happy but poor horse owners, sure is!


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